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All classes are $130 per 10-week session. Payments accepted by cash, check, or credit cards payments (online only). We do not issue refunds for classes missed. Classes can be made up in another class similar to the class that your dancer is enrolled in.​

See our studio calendar for an overview of classes.


Every student must have a signed Liability Waiver to participate in class


Our studio is a safe and positive environment for children to explore their creativity and learn new skills. We welcome parents to sit and enjoy watching their child's class from the waiting areas. 


Please be respectful of classes and other visitors, and keep conversation to a low volume.

Please do not interrupt class by speaking to instructors or students during the class time.

• We also ask that other siblings watch from the waiting areas and not within the studio space while class is in session. 

• Students will have 5 minutes of free time upon arrival to chat with friends and get ready for class. But we ask that ALL students go to the back studio or middle waiting area upon arrival.

• In addition, students are not allowed behind the desk. Only Studio staff may go behind the desk or in the back closet.

• We also ask that parents and children try to avoid walking through the front studio when we have class in session.

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