Competition Details:

Starpower Dance Competition - February 3-5th (times TBD) *SOLOISTS AND SRS ONLY*


Believe Dance Competition - February 17th - 19th (times TBD) 

Beyond The Stars - March 31st - April 2nd (times TBD) 

Company Showcase - June 10th and 11th


The Dance Awards Orlando July 7th - 14th *JR ELITES, AND SENIORS ONLY* 


​• Soloists are welcome to compete their solos at optional conventions.


​• All routines will be taken to mandatory competitions


​• Competitions are mandatory so block out those dates!


​• Money for competitions will be due about a month and a half prior to competition date!
Groups are around $55, solos are around $100 per competition. Info is available on their websites.


​• Every dancer will have at least two dances at competitions this year besides Camettes.

​• Costume Fees will be due in October.