Competition Details:

NDS National Dance Showcase 

February 11th - 13th, 2022 / Voorhees NJ

Nuvo Dance Convention (*Optional) 

March 4 - 6th, 2022 / Atlantic City NJ

Nexstar Dance Competition

Date TBD (April) Sewell NJ

Radix Dance Convention (*Optional) 

May 20th - 22nd, 2022 / Harrahs Atlantic City NJ


​• Soloists are welcome to compete their solos at optional conventions.


​• All routines will be taken to both mandatory competitions


​• Competitions are mandatory so block out those dates now!


​• Money for competitions will be due about a month and a half prior to competition date!
Groups are around $45, solos are around $90 per competition. Info is available on their websites.


​• Every dancer will have at least two dances at competitions this year.


​• Costume Fees will be due in October.

*Optional Convention Details:

Conventions are an optional event! Dancers will take class from 8am - 3pm from professional choreographs from America’s Got Talent, SYTYCD, World Of Dance, etc! Event is located in Atlantic City! Parents are welcome to observe the event for an extra fee! Website of convention listed below for more info!

Town Christmas Parade Performance:

Friday, November 26th (time TBD but typically around 6pm)

We will be practicing the routine at rehearsals. Dancers can wear their RED SamCam jacket, black leggings, sneakers, white gloves, and a red Santa hat.