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Competition Team is by invitation only:

Students have the opportunity to compete locally in a professionally judged, competitive environment. All dancers receive individual training at the studio to create a unique choreographed performance that showcases their skills. Competitions are a wonderful opportunity to see other dance performances and skill levels while being critiqued in a positive and constructive environment. The competition dancers will be part of the studio team SamCam & Company and will be expected to support each other as individuals as well as members of SamCam's Dance Studio.

Competition Team Requirements::

• Dancer must be registered for all dance sessions 

• Dancer is not able to miss more than two rehearsals

• Dancer must attend all performance events, competitions, rehearsals, auditions, etc

• Dancers must attend MANDATORY rehearsals

• Dancers ages 6 and under are required to take a minimum of 2 classes per week

• Dancers ages 10 and up are required to take a minimum of 3 classes per week

• Dancers on 7+ ELITE TEAM are required to take a minimum of 4 classes per week including ballet

• Dancers ages 10+ and 14+ ELITE TEAMS are required to take a minimum of 5 classes per week including ballet

• ALL dancers are required to take a technique class as their first class option.

• Dancers dedication is to the competition team! 

• Dancers must have good attendance in class.

• Dancers must represent the team in a respectful manner. 

• $250 yearly rehearsal fee is required 

• $300 yearly rehearsal fee is required for ALL ELITE DANCERS

• Dancers who don’t already have a company jacket must purchase one ($55) 

• All competition entry fees must be paid in full on time 

• Competition fees vary on type of dance (Solo: $130, Group: $60)

• Dancers who are chosen for solos are required to pay a $150 rehearsal fee for the year 

• Dancers are required to pay for all costume fees

• Dancers will attend two competitions a year, two parades, and possibly nationals, and recital.

• Dancers ages 6+ are allowed to audition for competition team

• Dancers joining the competition team must understand this is a serious commitment

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