Please review this video for reference. And see the below list of dance techniques. .


Ages 8+


• single outside pirouette (right and left)

• pique turns, chaine turns (right and left) 

• heel stretch on both sides (without holding on to anything)

• needle on both sides (hands on ground legs in split)

• full split (right leg, left leg, and middle split)

• chasse step leap (right and left) 

• surprise leap (right and left) 

• surprise straddle leap (right and left) 

• toe touch

• all ballet positions (1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th)

• jazz arms

• jazz square

• grapevine

• 3 step turn

• chasse ball change

• kick ball change


Ages 12+


• double outside pirouette (right and left)

• heel stretch, knee stretch, ankle stretch, bow and arrow (both sides) 

• leg turns (both sides) 

• 8 ballet fouettes (both sides) 

• 8 al second fouettés (both sides)

• full splits (right, left, middle) 

• chasse step leap (both sides)

• surprise leap (both sides)

• surprise straddle leap (both sides) 

• toe touch

• ball change, high chaine, low chaine, calypso (both sides)

• all ballet positions 

• the ability to understand ballet terminology, without a demonstration, on command.